PIERS Explores Major Economic Drivers of U.S.-Brazil Trade

U.S. exports to Brazil surged in 2010, over 43% from the previous year, according to Jeff Campbell, PIERS Vice President. Campbell presented as a subject matter expert on trade between Brazil and the U.S. at last week’s Intermodal South America Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, widely considered a leading event for international trade, logistics, transport and cargo handling in Latin America.

Campbell detailed forecasts and challenges derived from PIERS data regarding imports, exports, carriers, ports and commodities. The presentation revealed growth over 2010 due to stabilization politically and economically in both countries. Trade was robust in tires and automobile manufacturing, and major Fortune 100 companies (Dow Chemical, Caterpillar and EI Dupont) continue to concentrate business in Brazil. Campbell surmised trade in 2011 and 2012 will show modest growth, despite concerns over Middle East unrest, oil prices and other political and economic factors such as the fall out from the Japanese earthquakes and tsunami and the continuing Libyan conflict.

Participation at the Intermodal South America Conference highlights PIERS’ role as a leading provider of global trade intelligence with expertise in the Latin American market. PIERS released a Spanish version of PIERS TI, their popular trade intelligence solution, last month and offers trade data solutions for all major Latin American economies. PIERS TI is an online, import/export database providing immediate insight into the details of global trade transactions. The raw data feed from U.S. Customs is rapidly updated and standardized daily, allowing immediate access and instant analysis of the markets that matter most to your business.

PIERS, JOC Exchange, and JOC Sailings, PIERS’ sister companies also exhibited at the event. PIERS was on site providing demonstrations on a variety of their trade intelligence solutions. JOC Exchange was demonstrating their new technology platform which connects spot market buyers and sellers of container capacity. This web-based platform introduces automation and efficiency to a process historically managed via faxes, e-mail and phone calls. PIERS, JOC Exchange and JOC Sailings will continue to expand their business solutions into the South American market.

Gavin Carter, PIERS Executive Vice President, said, “I am proud that PIERS plays such an important role in the trade relations between Brazil and the U.S. as well as the rest of South America.”


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