All Aboard! PIERS Rail Analysis Now Available

Approximately 60 percent of all intermodal traffic is generated by international trade—intermodal cargoes account for 21 percent of U.S. Class I rail carrier revenue, second only to coal. With growing problems on the road—such as aging infrastructure, rising fuel costs, congestion and higher emissions—rail is looking more and more attractive for long-haul freight movement.

PIERS brings you these and other insights on the rail industry in a free report, “PIERS Rail Market Analysis.” Register here and a PIERS account executive will email you the full report. In this report, PIERS provides an analysis of Class I Intermodal Volume, comparing the advantages of rail versus truck transport and detailing top rail commodities. The figures below display the Class I rail share of the top five imported commodities by volume at the 2-digit harmonized code level and the top five containerized commodities in U.S. outbound trade by volume and the Class I share of moving them to seaports.

With frequent access to PIERS data, you can track and analyze the U.S. supply chain and understand the movement of goods by identifying import and export activity by origin, destination, commodity, etc. PIERS helps railroads research import and export trade activity, view U.S. and foreign port volumes, analyze cargo flow and volumes, identify cargo type by container, bulk, refrigerated, RoRo  and breakbulk, identify container size and more. Register at and a PIERS account executive will email you the full report.

PIERS data is put into perspective in this report by Dr. Mike Fusillo, who has provided numerous analyses of the transportation industry. He holds over 20 years of experience in applied economics in the fields of maritime transport and international trade, infrastructure economics, economic development, survey research and design, traffic and revenue models and forecasts, antitrust and industrial economics, and studies of pricing and demand. A sought-after speaker and educator, he has also engaged in projects related to construction risk analysis and environmental quality.  To learn more about Dr. Fusillo’s services, please contact him at


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