Vitamin Manufacturer Gets a Healthy Dose of Trade Data

In the world of vitamins and nutritional supplements, it is preferable to purchase vitamin products and ingredients that are manufactured in the United States because the manufacturing standards are pharmaceutical grade. However, these standards are only required to manufacture vitamins and supplements in the U.S., not to sell them. As a result many companies are tempted to cut costs by purchasing manufactured products from countries like China and India. They then use clever marketing to lead consumers into believing that the products are manufactured in the U.S.

One leading company in the vitamin and nutritional supplement industry that values quality over cost savings has found PIERS data an invaluable tool. Their customers were being approached by other vitamin manufacturers with what was supposed to be the same product, but at a cheaper rate. By using PIERS TI® to monitor their competition, they were able to pinpoint which of their competitors were purchasing large quantities of product outside of the U.S. and found that the reason the vitamins were cheaper was that it wasn’t the same product. They were bringing in processed vitamins from China that are known to have fillers and be of a lesser quality.

Armed with this intelligence, sales reps from the high-end vitamin manufacturer were able to discredit their competitors and prove that their products are of superior quality. One quick search by company, of imports from China could provide them with irrefutable facts of what was imported and where it came from, allowing them to continue selling their high-end product and protect their existing customer base.

Want to learn more about how PIERS TI can enhance your company’s competitive intelligence? Request a demo from one of our solutions experts.


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2 Responses to “Vitamin Manufacturer Gets a Healthy Dose of Trade Data”

  1. Chris John Says:

    The FDA has begun strictly enforcing their GMPs and products which do not come up to their manufacturing standards are taken off the market. So if actual ingredients in the product don’t match product label specifications, the manufacturer will have to face the consequences. The dietary supplement industry has come a long way. Stricter rules are raising quality standards of vitamin manufacturing to the next level.

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