U.S. Containerized Exports Rebounded in July

According to PIERS data, U.S. containerized exports rebounded in July as demand for waste paper and scrap metals strengthened. Overall U.S. containerized exports increased 4.8% in July 2011 over July 2010 after falling 1.7% in June. Year-over-year exports were led by waste paper, up 13%, metal scraps, up 15% and logs and lumber, up 31%. Also seeing increases were grains and flour products, up 37%; poultry, up 21%; meat, up 15% and motor vehicles, up 6%.

Shipments of fabrics including raw cotton tumbled 50% in the month, marking its third successive monthly decline on a year-over-year basis. Pet and animal feeds, including DDGs, continued on a downward trend, losing 21% of volume. This marks the fifth consecutive decline for pet and animal feeds exports, year-over-year. The pending antidumping case, initiated by China against the U.S. for dumping DDG, continued to adversely affect DDGs’ shipments to top market China. Synthetic resins contracted 13%.

On a regional level, exports to Northeast Asia led the gains, rising 7% followed by Northern Europe, up 6%. On the downside, exports to the Caribbean saw volume losses again, this time a drop of 12%. Exports to Southeast Asia declined 4%.

On a country level, China led the gains driven by a strengthening demand for waste paper, logs and lumber and wood pulp. Exports to top market China surged 9% (or 16,896 TEUs) to a total of 208,445 TEUs, followed by Korea and Australia with a 14% and 24% gain, respectively. Exports to Australia were supported by a solid demand for U.S. lawn and garden equipment, pet and animal feeds and logs and lumber. Most losses in the month were seen in the Dominican Republic (-17%), Indonesia (-11%) and Japan (-2%).

PIERS is the only source for transaction-level U.S. export data. PIERS’ staff reporters cover every major U.S. port, collecting and processing over 300,000 export Bills of Lading each month to give our customers a complete view of U.S. trade. To learn more about PIERS export data, visit www.piers.com/USExports.


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