Celebrate the Day of the Seafarer

PIERS acknowledges the “Day of the Seafarer”! We celebrate the selfless services of the one and a quarter million seafarers who work over the horizon, literally. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) believes that the hugely positive work of seafarers on the daily lives of ordinary people should be publically recognized today with gratitude for the work they do. The jobs they do are absolutely vital and without them, world trade, industrial growth and modern life as we know it today, would not be possible. 

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon delivered a special message acknowledging contributions that seafarers have made in significantly improving the shipping industry’s environmental performance along with the courage displayed in the face of piracy threats.

“On this Day of the Seafarer, let us celebrate the brave women and men, from master to deck hand, from sandy shores to the deepest ocean blue, from all corners of the world, who make it possible for the shipping industry to underpin our global economy and foster greater progress for all.”

This year’s celebration is not just thinking about this maritime workforce, the IMO is asking everyone to choose one object that came by sea which they just could not live without.

Complete this sentence: I could not live without _______ , it came by sea!


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