U.S. Containerized Imports Up 0.6% in August

U.S. containerized imports decelerated sharply in August after jumping by 10.5 % year over year in July reports the JOC, a PIERS sister company. Utilizing PIERS waterborne data, total U.S. containerized imports edged up 0.6% in August 2012, compared to August 2011, to a total of 1.54 million TEUs. Imports declined 2.1 % in August versus July. Year to date, through August, overall U.S. containerized imports were up 3.2%.

Leading the gains were auto parts, up 16% versus August, 2011; decorations, up 12%; still wines, up 17%; and paper & paperboard, up 6%. Leading the losses were footwear, down 30 %; auto tires, down 14%; and computers, down 15%, all compared to August 2011.

A full analysis of these findings is available online at www.joc.com, or for a more a granular look at U.S. waterborne shipments including company names, commodity, carrier, country of origin/destination and more, visit www.piers.com to register for a free demo.


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