New Jersey is Our Home Too!


UBM Global Trade, parent company of PIERS has taken the following steps to assist during this difficult time. Please see elements of our action plan below, and please send to UBM Global Trade for additional details.

Office Space: We are opening up our Newark, NJ headquarters to our customers. If an individual was displaced and needs a temporary place to work, please alert us. Similarly, if you are an organization that has space you can volunteer, or wish to rent short term, please send to UBM Global Trade. We will be sure to coordinate between all interested parties and hopefully find some matches for our clients to get people back on their professional feet.

Charity Donations: If you wish to nominate an organization to be part of UBM Global Trade’s giving program related to this disaster, please contact us.

On behalf of UBM Global Trade our hearts and prayers go out to those impacted during this difficult time. New Jersey is our home too. If there are other ways you think we can assist during this time, please feel free to suggest additional ideas.

Gavin Carter
EVP UBM Global Trade – PIERS


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