Recycling and Reusing Old Shipping Containers

Big, strong and seemingly unbreakable — shipping containers are a great place to start for a new style of building! The rise of innovative green architecture has created in increasingly in-vogue practice: stacking and linking rugged, versatile freight shipping containers and transforming them into fully inhabitable structures.

In an earlier PIERS blog we asked, how do you get rid of shipping containers when you don’t want them anymore?


This distinctive structure was inspired by the endless shipping containers visible outside of the windows of Starbucks corporate offices in Seattle…since the containers are used to ship their coffee all over the world. This drive-thru location was created from 4 containers: one 20-foot container and three 40-foot containers.

Starbucks in Tukwila, WA

Fawood Children’s Centre 

The Fawood Childrens’ Centre in Harlesden, London, provides a delightful safe environment for pre-school children. Three recycled shipping containers, resembling giant children’s building blocks, have been specially adapted, decorated and fitted out to provide the necessary indoor play and teaching areas.

Fawood Children's Center in London, England

Fawood Children’s Center in London, England

Puma City 

Puma City is an 11,000-square-foot store and nightclub, crafted with 24 red shipping containers, located a mere stone’s throw from Boston’s Fenway Park. Puma City is a three level indoor-outdoor structure, constructed out of 24 steel shipping containers. The building acts as a store, lounge and mobile home base at different ports around the world. The structure is designed to be easily taken apart, shipped and reassembled anywhere in the world.

Puma in Boston, MA

Puma in Boston, MA

What other examples of “container chic” have you seen or read about? Let us know by joining the conversation on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn!


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  1. Boxman Studios (@boxmanstudios) Says:

    You should see what is doing with containers.

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