The Demand Outweighs the Supply

ImageFootball and chicken wings go hand-in-hand, especially on Super Bowl Sunday!

Unfortunately, last summer’s drought has the potential to impact this delicacy and alter one of the nation’s biggest days in sports.

This happens to be peak season for chicken wings, which by no small coincidence is also peak season for many sports lovers – January through March, a span when the NFL Playoffs, the Super Bowl and March Madness take place.

The National Chicken Council states that the demand for wings this year is at “an all-time high” with it currently the highest priced portion of a chicken. However, record high corn and feed prices due to last summer’s drought have resulted in chicken companies producing about 1% fewer birds last year, as stated in an earlier PIERS blog).

How will these rising food prices and depressed supply of corn and grain continue to affect the U.S.? Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn!


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