About PIERS Data

PIERS has the most comprehensive database of U.S. waterborne trade activity in the world. We are the standard in trade intelligence, providing data and services to businesses involved in international trade. Businesses and government agencies from around the world use our data to:

  • Generate Sales Leads
  • Obtain Competitive Intelligence
  • Identify Buyers & Suppliers
  • Conduct Market Research
  • Monitor Contractual Compliance

See what our trade intelligence can do for you!

Access enhanced data visualization and custom dashboards.

Chemical Dashboard


Get a high-level overview of top markets based on aggregate data for U.S. chemical exports.

Top-Markets-for-US-Chemical-Exports (1)


Quickly understand commodity growth trends and market share.

StatsPlus - wine


Identify refrigerated cargo type along with its temperature and humidity settings

2012 US Waterborne Reefer Poultry Exports


Track and analyze the movement of agriculture commodities.

Top US Wheat Exports


Analyze a global view of trends for imports and exports.



PIERS is the exclusive provider of complete U.S. import and export trade intelligence.  If you’re interested in learning more about how PIERS can help you make better strategic decisions, contact us today.

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