PIERS is the most comprehensive database of U.S. waterborne trade activity in the world providing information services to thousands of subscribers globally. Our business intelligence tools and solutions are based on a unique infrastructure and proprietary technology that allows PIERS to not only publish import data, but also complete coverage of U.S. export transactional data.

Our U.S. and international trade data spans the globe with an emphasis on significant trading partners and emerging regions in Asia and South America, such as, China, India and Brazil.

PIERS has a wide variety of products and solutions geared towards NVOCCs/freight forwarders, ocean carriers, railway carriers, ports and many more markets.  Is your business looking to generate sales leads? Research import and export trade activity? Analyze cargo volumes and flow? Study market shares? These are just some of the solutions we provide through our proprietary product lines. Visit www.piers.com for more information.


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  1. Robert Thompson Says:

    Good to see you all are “getting with it” with regard to the social networking thingy. Good luck. BTW. I’ve listed this blog on our home page of WorldTradeDaily.com.

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