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New Whitepaper Examines the Opportunities and Challenges for Containerized Ag Exports

November 12, 2013

PIERS, the Standard in Trade Intelligence, and The Journal of Commerce are offering a new whitepaper available for free download that examines the opportunities and challenges faced by U.S. agriculture producers looking to take advantage of containerized exports.

 US Containerized Agriculture Exports

While this year’s corn and wheat harvest are expected to reach record levels, a small but growing number of exporters face the perennial problem of equipment shortages, because their crops are grown in rural areas that aren’t major destinations for import containers that can be used for exports.

The whitepaper titled U.S. Agriculture Exports: Opportunities & Challenges for Containerized Shippers was designed to give agriculture producers, food companies, and those servicing the agricultural supply chain, insight into how companies like Maersk, BNSF, Archer Daniels Midland and Home Depot are looking to help ease these shortages through “import-steering” or “match-back’ programs.

When carriers and cargo interests that control as much freight as those companies do are able to coordinate their supply chain needs, every participant is a winner. “Everyone benefits when waste is taken out of the system,” said Craig Mygatt, Maersk’s senior vice president of inland operations.

Get a better understanding of how these trends affect the global supply chain and download your FREE report today!

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