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PIERS has Been Chosen by AmSpec to Deliver a Customized Business Intelligence Solution for Bulk Chemical and Petroleum Shipments

October 31, 2013

PIERS has been selected by AmSpec, to deliver a customized business intelligence solution that will provide immediate and actionable insight into bulk shipments of petroleum products around the world.

US Bulk Export Shipments

Recent investments made to the technology PIERS uses to process over 17,000,000 waterborne import and export bills of lading each year, has resulted in new, enhanced data visualization and drill down capabilities that allow PIERS to deliver business intelligence solutions that isolate commodities based on brand names and grades specific to each individual customers’ requirements.

“Over the past couple of years PIERS has undergone a transformation away from being simply a data provider, towards delivering customer-specific solutions that provide immediate, decision-ready intelligence,” said Wael Jarous, Senior Vice President at PIERS. “We fully understand the importance of providing valuable and reliable intelligence to the energy sector and we are pleased to be the single source that can deliver the complete picture. Only with a comprehensive assessment of the U.S. energy market, can calculated risks be taken and strategic decisions executed.”

“As we continue to grow our business by offering our industry-leading services in new markets, it’s important that our strategic planning is based on smart, data-driven decisions,” said Simon Wright, Vice President, International Development, AmSpec. “The business intelligence tools created by PIERS allows us to identify trends in the petroleum industry based on the companies and specific commodities being shipped around the world and apply that knowledge to our decision making.”

PIERS collects over 17,000,000 waterborne import and export bills of lading filed with U.S. Customs (including 4,000,000 export bills of lading) and processes them through their proprietary Six-Step Process. While other data providers have begun publishing a subset of only containerized U.S. exports, PIERS remains the only provider with complete export transactions for all waterborne shipments (including bulk shipments) going back to 1977. Their unique infrastructure, which includes onsite security cleared staff at major U.S. ports allows them to scan and process bills of lading not filed electronically.

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